About us


We can see very often pictures of sick children in Internet, in particular in social websites, whose parents ask for the help of public. They open different bank accounts in order to get necessary for treatment financial means, in general fabulous sum of money. Surely there are caring people transferring big amounts, helping with medicaments, cloths and donated blood. A number of funds send them abroad to different hospitals … and some tries to make self-advertisement or unfortunately to profit from it.

More and more pictures of sick children appears in Internet. We cannot stay indifferent towards their fates.
Maybe time was required to realize the idea flying for a long-long time in an air that even with 100 AMD is possible to do something for the solution of this painful problem and to create our own Fund.

Members of our Fund Board of Trustees: Lusine Badalyan, Mher Paruyryan, Gor Glumov, Hakob Papikyan (Jak), Aram Karakhanyan, (Max) and Tigran Baloyan Chairman of the Fund. All together and individually we will be responsible to ensure funds use by its urgency. All activities of the Fund will be absolutely transparent in order to rebuild lost public confidence: all decisions of the Fund Board of Trustees, doctors/consultants’ conclusions, amount of funds transferred and reports and documents on all kinds of expenses and expenditures will be published in this website. Besides, international audit annual report and its conclusion will be also on our website.

If each of us transfers minimum 100 drams to the account of the Fund or gives authorization to make transfer from bank or telephone account we will be able to help children.
We are aimed to help minimum 5 children to recover their health due to active work, publicity and right policy.