Our principles


Each 100 AMD that seems very little for all of us can become a big power after being united. You can buy a box of matches or a chewing gum with 100 AMD, but you can also save the child’s life, the child who has just stepped into the life and has to struggle for that life. When we are alone we are unable to solve such kind of problems, but when we are united make sure that we can move mountains, save lives and help our beloved ones. 100 AMD in a month will not change anything in our life, very often we lose it and even don’t notice it, but if we unite all these 100 AMD, e.g. if 500.000 men transmit 100 AMD we can save the lives of several children every month, we can make happy several Armenian families and finally we will understand that together we are strong and invincible.

Oncology is not a judgment, children’s oncology even more... it is a curable disease. Very often the problem is only the money that is necessary for the treatment... We believe that including a great number of people, each of them with his investment, without having any financial hardship, can help us to save lives together. Believe that the amount of the invested money is not so important as our unity.

Act publicly and transparently.